Full Bloom

After a temporary setback, confident and driven Akiko Miller thinks that crossing the Pacific can help her regain her footing. It even seems that local gym teacher Shun Ishida is just the guy to help her. But will her modern ways earn her a place in the heart of a town steeped in tradition?


Is a second chance still possible if the person you once loved is no longer the person you once knew?
Jill Hastings gets a huge shock when her former flame Ken Kimura shows up at her farm-to-table lunch. He’s intent on picking up where they left off, but is the new Jill ready for a shot with an old love?

Other Than Easy

Number one on cool and professional Emma Forrester’s to-do list upon arriving in Geneva is to buy a yacht for her employer. But it’s not just Kastler’s yacht that has caught her eye. The dark and handsome businessman is making Emma break every rule she has. Will one moment of passion be enough to tear down her walls?

Between Heats

Aspiring model Madison Thomas wants her first big catalogue campaign to go well. What she doesn’t count on is trying to get fired by swim champ and co-model Aaron Harding on her first day.

Aaron has a tough time pretending that he’s not attracted to the redheaded model. But Madison has her own game plan to get to the top, and getting entangled with Aaron is one complication she doesn’t need.